mercredi 1 avril 2020

Murat's dragons save the day (A Volley & Bayonets AAR)

Todays battle opposed a french avant garde against austrians in 1805.
The french had to take 3 towns entering Austria.
Firts outnumbered, the French receivent reinforcements on the right flank, A full division of Murat's heavy cavalry (cuirassiers, carabiniers and dragons).

Austian's right flank. Infantry and a firt objective town occupied.

Austian's left flank :  2 divisions of cavalry in thin order.
Frech entering. They had to cross the brifges or the river.
Austians occupie a second town.
Both armies stay quiet. The french is awaiting for his reinforcements to move again.
Murat's entering at the head of a heavy cavalry division (cuirassiers and carabiniers)
He will soon be folowed by the dragons.

 Then the dragons entered the field, crushing and roastering all. Allies and ennemies.

4 dragons units followed the heavy cavalry.
The french cuirassiers were immediately caught then, the austrian cavalry.
All the corps collapse and flee under the giant attack.
French infantery dare not even a single move. Austrian troops are crushed. The town is set on fire. 

 Containment is a hard thing when you are alone at home. Especialy on a first of April. A hope you enjoyed my joke. See you on a next year.
Take care of yourself and see you soon. Nicolas

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